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This is just a working CS:

Solidsurf - Waspnest Port by: This is the new surf map I've been working on, it includes 9 numbers stages and 2 bonuses. It is only visible to you. It's completion duration is below 60 seconds and its difficulty has been called RIP 64 TICK USERS. Try to clqssic my best time, I got 12 seconds on Simple, And 29 seconds on Hard. Basic surf map at first glance but has a lot of depth to it and hopefully will entertain people at any skill level.

|+16|SURF+DM+RPG_GuDMan[V34] · Counter-Strike: Source сервер Strike Source sevilen haritasi surf_ski_2 sizler icin Counter. CS:S - Counter-Strike: Source. Game. Counter-Strike: Source. Surf Style.

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