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How To Make Buy Binds in CS GO (To Buy Weapons/Equipment Faster!) [Tutorial]. How To Set CSGO Buy Binds (The Easiest Way ). Today I show you how to bind any keyboard keys to buy any weapon in Counter Strike Global Offensive. No Steam Клиент Wiki CS: GO Конфиги CS: GO Pro игроков Заработок в CS: GO Крафт в CS: GO. Работа с командой bind " bind " - Команда позволяющая привязать к заданной кнопке определенное действие, в нашем случае buy. Buy binds can help you drop weapons for teammates faster. Avoid getting spawn-killed in warmup. Try out the free, online CS: GO Buy Binds Generator right now! You don't need to sign-up for an account or download any software.

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