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CS:GO - All AK-47 Skins + Price! (Updated 2017) ALL CS: GO. Все о Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Скины АК - 47 в КС: ГО. Самое полное собрание скинов АК - 47 в Counter - Strike: Global Offensive. К каждому скину ты найдешь стоимость в стиме, внешний вид и название. Skins for AK - 47 CS: GO ➫ open cases and get best skins on OpenCSGO. Spectors Management LTD © You can open various cases on our website CS: GO for the best prices. (BEST AK - 47 SKINS IN CS: GO) Thank y'all for watching:) Leave a "LIKE" if you enjoyed!, Top 5 "MOST EXPENSIVE AK - 47 SKINS " in CS: GO (Counter Strike - Top Five Rare Skins).

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